Already Dead

A squad-based space tactical shooter.

Control 4 Space Marines to navigate the space ship and complete the objectives.

Play with either keyboard or gamepad.  (Gamepad supported in Chrome and Brave. Not supported in Microsoft Edge.)

Gamepad Controls:

(Gamepad only supported on Chrome and Brave browsers. Not compatible with Edge.)

Keyboard Controls:


Move with arrows 

Move with WASD

Move with WASD or Arrow keys

Cycle characters:

Select characters directly:


Characters will automatically shoot at targets within their firing arc and range.


  • Ben Mora - Game & Software Design Lead
  • Joel Springer - Art Design Lead
  • Jared Springer - Music & Ambience Composer
  • Corbin Hernandez - Voice Actor
  • Aroea Knox - Voice Actress
  • Hayden Kelly - Voice Actor
  • Trever Leikam - Voice Actor